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This is a dub step instrumental by Chase and Status. I rapped over it. And I’ve been opening my set with it every night since. Steal it here and enjoy it now PLEASE. peace. thanks to Kosta and Brick for suggesting I do it.


MURS- MAD HOUSE (produced by Chase n Status)DSCN1589


Salt Air, UT

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These pictures are Tooo dope they tell the whole story. Except the part where we were up for an instore at 11am and the boys started before noon with the CARIBOU LOU!!! which is Bacardi 151, Malibu Rum and Pineapple Juice. Instore was at Aztec Highway shout to staff and all the fans that came out. And a special shout to Alec the cutest baby in Utah.

Farmington, NM

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Never heard of this place. Never been here. But it was Awesome and I’ll be back. I ate Golden Corral our waiter had gold chains galore and Locs on the back of his neck. Show was great even though there was a girl fight I had to break up in the front row. Nothing worse than holding one chick back and then she punches the other one in the face. Crowd was hype as hell though. The females were out of control. I signed an ass. Afterwards some of the young homegirls put me up on some new music. While we watched the police arrest the drunky smurfs in the parking lots. SLC here we come.

Tucson, AZ

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Home again home again jiggity jigg… don’t ask. ummm love the 520 the most favoritest of my favorite places. Isaiah and his fam came through his daughter kicked me in chin. It was awesome. I swung her and her brother in circles till we were all high on the dizzy juice. I walked through downtown and reminisced went to where my record store used to be. Then we went to Eegees. It’s a Tucson exclusive fast food joint. with these amazing slushie things called Eegee’s. There’s a different special flavor every month. on top of the regular flavors. After Eegee’s we went to see Terminator Salvation(w/ Common). It was entertaining. I guess. It was no Star Trek. Which I’ve seen twice. BTW(by the way). But go see for yourself. In other BTW news Tucson has an In N Out now. watch out! Then to the Rialto where I’ve been with Gym Class and Atmosphere but never played. So it was an honor. Afterwards got to see the homegirl Shorty and see pics of her son. Yay! Then IHOP. Then back to the bus. New Mexican time

Tempe, AZ

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It started raining but the fans kept coming. 91 just for the meet and greet. Comic books. Paradise Bakery. Fatburger. Damn I ate today. So blessed. This has to be the biggest indoor club type venue ever it was hot as hell. but it looked and felt super good. Gotta love AZ. Ended the night on a high note called Taco Bell. Thank you and bring on Tucson.

Las Vegas, NV

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why does it seem like all of Los Angeles moved to Vegas. The homeboy from the Dale Jes and his wife came through. My barber/advisor big Keith showed up with his sons Nate and Charles and his daughter Myrna. But after the news I got yesterday it was good to see people from the neighborhood doing well. The Sin City crowd was awesome. Another sold out show. In the Mandalay Bay. The homie Maczilla from KC showed up and he is always full of jokes and he completes the 816 Boyz along with Tech, Kutt, and Krizz. Show the crowd was treated to the full version of “Areola” their monster hit single. Classic. Musab and I got to catch up and that’s always good. All the rest is personal but I had a great time. What happens in Vegas stays… gotta love the only city wear you can show up with sandals, socks and basketball shorts to a 5star restaurant and get seated. With a $20 tip ofcourse

San Diego, Ca

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Today had a weird energy. Performing at HOB is always an honor. The decor itself is phenomenal. No buses to chill on today. So we are all jammed in the backstage together. Led to some great jokes. And me Tech and Kutt trying to do the new hood dance craze “the Jerk”. Hilarious!!! Thanks to OG Mugs. Sour note found out that the young rapper Dolla was murdered today. He was from Mid City. So it really hit home. RIP young man. On top of that somebody maced the crowd and Krizz Tech and Kutt during their set. Various fights outside. Daygo is no joke. Time for Vegas and a day off. Didn’t think I’d need one so soon but I do. Shout out to the lady of the house who made sure we were well taken care of. Dolla you are loved and will be missed. RIP

Ventura, CA

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No pics. Great show. Drove up in my own car. Bought a brace for my hernia. Gotta stay at a hotel for 2 days. why? because they’re painting my apt bldg. for the next 3 days. how did they manage to time this stuff? why on my days off. but I guess 2 days at the W won’t kill me.

San Luis Obispo, CA

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SLO town it was good to see you. After 20 straight shows. 3 days straight with the hiccups. I get to drive 4hrs back to LA tonight. Seriously sooo worth it. My brother drove my car up. My family Lil Ant Ant og Ant Mel and Krystal showed up. SLO town felt like home town. Shout out to Toxic cupcake. and TS’ momma for taking us to lunch. I’m going to go sleep in my bed. YAY!

Petaluma, CA

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Today was mostly about feeling normal again. Getting up and making it to Mama Stowell’s house. Shower. Met Brooklyn and Kennedy. Brick’s little sisters. Sooooper cute. Then Mom took me to the ER. Doc says it’s a hernia alright. but he’s had his for 20 years no operation needed. Just push it back in. Till it won’t go in or it hurts too much. I guess? Then starbucks then outlet. then soundcheck. but wait I’ve had the hiccups since yesterday. WTF?! Bought tix to Star Trek but had to leave cuz the hiccups wouldn’t quit. One cigarette and a Root Beer. while listening to Melrose cured them for an hour. But they come back just in time for my set. so i do what a did yesterday two whole bottles of water in less than 20 sec. Cured until 20 mins. after my set. Got Taco Bell still hiccuping I end up hunched over my cpu hiccuping myself to sleep.