Petaluma, CA

Today was mostly about feeling normal again. Getting up and making it to Mama Stowell’s house. Shower. Met Brooklyn and Kennedy. Brick’s little sisters. Sooooper cute. Then Mom took me to the ER. Doc says it’s a hernia alright. but he’s had his for 20 years no operation needed. Just push it back in. Till it won’t go in or it hurts too much. I guess? Then starbucks then outlet. then soundcheck. but wait I’ve had the hiccups since yesterday. WTF?! Bought tix to Star Trek but had to leave cuz the hiccups wouldn’t quit. One cigarette and a Root Beer. while listening to Melrose cured them for an hour. But they come back just in time for my set. so i do what a did yesterday two whole bottles of water in less than 20 sec. Cured until 20 mins. after my set. Got Taco Bell still hiccuping I end up hunched over my cpu hiccuping myself to sleep.


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