Santa Cruz, CA

May 27, 2009 - Leave a Response

back in santa cruz. where it all started for me. where I first met the Living Legends. Always great to come back. Woke up went to the local hip hop shop and spent a couple hundred on some vinyl. SMH. I’m an addict. The owner let me listen in the window display my own leather chair and all. Too late for Zachary’s bfast but it’s a must for any visitor. Went to Redlight and bought all the new Legendary Music releases. Then met face to face with the AWESOME Kayla who does all of my online pub. THANKS. Made some new friends that just walked up to the bus looking for me. beautiful young women. someone made sure they got free tix. back in the day this would’ve been trouble. But these days it turns into Vegan dinner at Starlight with DJ Eko and fam. oh yeah comic book store today had hot chicks working there. WTF?! oh yeah Star Trek’s out… live long and prosper


Santa Clara, CA

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Santa Clara. San Jose. yeah. Dope donut shop in the parking lot. venue was fresh. Cab to the hotel for a quick shower. Had some Indian food. Walked the line and sold some cd’s with Cross eyed Joe and Maniac Mike. then the homie Reem picked me up. in his dope ass scion XB. I need one. we drove in circles reminiscing and catching up. seems like everybody is making babies and I’m still practicing lol. He dropped me off to go get dressed and I asked him to pick me up the 4 Star Trek cups from BK. YEE!!! they just came out! I’m on my game! can’t wait for the movie. went on and rocked. it actually felt like on of my own shows. thanks 408. love you guys!!! After the night of me riding in dope cars continued. The homegirl took me and her chick for a spin in her new Benz. Denny’s then. I effed up and had a cigarette. Now it’s 3am and I gotta call a cab to go shit back at the hotel. $10 smoke. SMH.

Livermore, CA

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Woke up in Livermore. The place where the 5 and 580 meet I think. Where all the huge metal windmills are. Didn’t go to the comic book store this wednesday. Instead I got to go casa de 40 Water. E-40s place for you sqarebutts. I was supposed to go lay vocals for Bay Bridges 2 with his eldest son Droop-E. But me and him just ended up shoot the shit Love Life Religion and Music. Real great guy. Great family visit. It was nice to have a home cooked meal. and be treated like fam. Mr. Stevens and his clan continue to be an inspiration to me. Running late. Made it just in time to go on. And it was the WORST sound of my whole career. 13years 1000’s of shows. this was it. I took it like a man though. Nobody’s fault really. Shit happens. Later on Droop and Nump came through and played some of their new BLAPPERS. Soooper sick. Made the bus driver mad. Made me happy for the future of hip hop!!! oh yeah shout to Ishue with sleepy behind.

Orangevale, CA

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Basically it was Sac. and it was actually kind of dope. real intimate like. We didn’t get to use the full set. But I think the fans appreciate being up close. It’s nice to get closer to home to. And to see the look on people’s face when they have no idea who I am and the person next to them knows every word. definitely proves we are bringing our fans together. and that’s one of the main reasons I came out to open for Tech. Strange Music fans have been awesome and interesting. Show was dope. Couldn’t jump and do the splits cuz of the low ceiling and I also I now have a hernia. But the show must go on. Little parking lot drama. but everyone was safe I guess. I just heard all the yelling through the bus window. tomorrow we meet the Stowells my assistants fam. YEE!!!

Reno, Nevada

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All of the photos are pretty much self explanatory. Meet and Greet. Then call my homie from We went to his sandwich shop the Beach Hut Deli and I prepared my signature Potato Salad sandwich. With staff of hot young chicks. He and his brother have a radio show called the Bomb Shelter. They have been playing our records for years. Few years back they bought the Hut. And put a bunch of video games, tshirts, cd’s, graffiti, and beer in the mix. It’s like heaven. I’m talking NBA Jam and Streetfighter 2. Whipped the “owner’s” ass in NBA Jam with the Pistons. While eating drinking and listening to great music. Went to their house and played with their wolves no really wolves well 75% wolf. anyway they were great now i’m getting one!!!(sorry my PETA2 pals) Show. then went to the Bomb Shelter for some live radio. shower after at the truck stop. Played video blackjack afterwards like where the dealer was a hot chick in a corset with as far as I could tell no bottoms. MAN she was sooo hot!!! I won a dollar btw.

Bellingham, Washington

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this town was silly illy crazy steez yo. I don’t know what that means but definitely not what I expected. Great food up the street at the Horseshoe Cafe. Great service tambien(also). Kids in the town followed us up and down the street. Asking for autographs. Cute. When it’s kids it’s really cute. Grown ups stalking you? not so much. When you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress. Walked 2miles to the comic shop. Copped a $2 mini Voltron. Bought Straight outta brooklyn from the dope video store across the street. Went on and rapped my heart out to a sold out crowd of 21+ year olds who showed ALOT of love. Luckyiam has been here spreading the Legend I can tell. Wild Buffalo awesome staff and bartenders. I wanna do it again.

Chico, California

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Woke up ready to pop my Chico cherry. Meet and Greet went well. Out into the streets. I heard there was some hip hop going on downtown but I missed it. There was supposed to be a carnival going on but it got rained out. No funnel cake no hip hop. But I was able to get some Starting Lineup figures for my step-family from the local comic shop. Jack’s Diner across the way was good. The wait staff was even better. You can’t beat it when there’s a 24hr. diner across the street from the venue. During my set some a-hole kept yelling in my face. TECH NINE! and threw a penny at me. I asked him to cut it out. to no avail. So I had security escort him out. while myself and the crowd sung him the “na, na, na, na, na,…goodbye” song. classic. I don’t understand if you came to see Tech I understand. Go smoke drink or make out. If I don’t interest you. But you don’t heckle me cuz then you get kicked out and guess what? you don’t get to see Tech Nine.

Bend, Oregon

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I don’t know much of shit about these pictures. But after Bend I know that meth kills. The cab driver who was taking Wolverine was an ex addict. And there were lots of lost souls about town. Wolverine was GREAT! just my humble opinion. Cab driver on the way back was an ex con who was able to ramble off the the specs model and features of all our tour buses without pausing for an “um”. Weird. Outside it was raining and cold as heck This is my blog so I’m gonna keep it real. Nothing against the fine people of this city but I’m probably not on my way back to Bend.

Seattle, WA

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we had to do two seattle shows. this was first one. El Corazon. Super heshed out. But turned out to be pretty cool. woke up and ran down the street to 13 Coin. Awesome so Awesome. the decor the food the service. MAN. you just gotta go. Walked down the pier fish thingy it was awesome. bought some watermelon flavored honeystraws. bell pepper flavored jelly. merlot jelly. ate at this spot with the bombest potato latkes. idk what exactly they are but they had this applesauce dipping sauce. DUDE. so rad. Walked all the way back to the venue. rapped. then watch the packed club go crazy!!! fights and all that shit. Brick and I had to do a little security. Patricia from WB came thru with some posters and stickers. Bedtime stories and off to Bellingham

Wenatche, Washington

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Wenatche(pronounced WIN- ATCH- EE)?! Never heard of it before… BUT NOW I gotta go back. Small spot in Washington. Never thought we’d be performing in the local arena for over 2,000 crazy hip hop fans. It was sooo awesome. It was nice to be able to use the hockey team’s showers and locker rooms. And NO we didn’t all shower together you perverts. We got our workout on today me Krizz and Kutt. Wonder if we can keep it up the rest of the tour? probably not but eh. something’s better than nothing. really craving Taco Bell. But decided to keep it on the bus. Watch Bedtime Stories and lay it down in the bunk