Tucson, AZ

Home again home again jiggity jigg… don’t ask. ummm love the 520 the most favoritest of my favorite places. Isaiah and his fam came through his daughter kicked me in chin. It was awesome. I swung her and her brother in circles till we were all high on the dizzy juice. I walked through downtown and reminisced went to where my record store used to be. Then we went to Eegees. It’s a Tucson exclusive fast food joint. with these amazing slushie things called Eegee’s. There’s a different special flavor every month. on top of the regular flavors. After Eegee’s we went to see Terminator Salvation(w/ Common). It was entertaining. I guess. It was no Star Trek. Which I’ve seen twice. BTW(by the way). But go see for yourself. In other BTW news Tucson has an In N Out now. watch out! Then to the Rialto where I’ve been with Gym Class and Atmosphere but never played. So it was an honor. Afterwards got to see the homegirl Shorty and see pics of her son. Yay! Then IHOP. Then back to the bus. New Mexican time


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