Reno, Nevada

All of the photos are pretty much self explanatory. Meet and Greet. Then call my homie from We went to his sandwich shop the Beach Hut Deli and I prepared my signature Potato Salad sandwich. With staff of hot young chicks. He and his brother have a radio show called the Bomb Shelter. They have been playing our records for years. Few years back they bought the Hut. And put a bunch of video games, tshirts, cd’s, graffiti, and beer in the mix. It’s like heaven. I’m talking NBA Jam and Streetfighter 2. Whipped the “owner’s” ass in NBA Jam with the Pistons. While eating drinking and listening to great music. Went to their house and played with their wolves no really wolves well 75% wolf. anyway they were great now i’m getting one!!!(sorry my PETA2 pals) Show. then went to the Bomb Shelter for some live radio. shower after at the truck stop. Played video blackjack afterwards like where the dealer was a hot chick in a corset with as far as I could tell no bottoms. MAN she was sooo hot!!! I won a dollar btw.


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