Chico, California

Woke up ready to pop my Chico cherry. Meet and Greet went well. Out into the streets. I heard there was some hip hop going on downtown but I missed it. There was supposed to be a carnival going on but it got rained out. No funnel cake no hip hop. But I was able to get some Starting Lineup figures for my step-family from the local comic shop. Jack’s Diner across the way was good. The wait staff was even better. You can’t beat it when there’s a 24hr. diner across the street from the venue. During my set some a-hole kept yelling in my face. TECH NINE! and threw a penny at me. I asked him to cut it out. to no avail. So I had security escort him out. while myself and the crowd sung him the “na, na, na, na, na,…goodbye” song. classic. I don’t understand if you came to see Tech I understand. Go smoke drink or make out. If I don’t interest you. But you don’t heckle me cuz then you get kicked out and guess what? you don’t get to see Tech Nine.


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