Missoula Montana

We Performed in a movie theater. Got into town late due to some clerical drama. The skate park in this city is awesome. Had to ice my back and take a couple tylenol to make it through the set. Don’t know if they were really feeling the set. But everyone was super nice after the show. We went to Pita Pit. Met a chick who was hanging out by the busses and the big homie kind of stuck me with her. so i chit and chat trying to be polite. but it was 4/20 and she was high and drunk as hell. 10 mins in to the convo she tells me her bf left her and she hasn’t got laid in months. I figure she’s attractive and friendly enough if i invite her onto my bus someone in the crew can “help her out”. i did…. and what happens on the road stays on the road. ME I ended up with my Pita Pit on the back of the bus watching Bedtime Stories… What? Not Me. her butt wasn’t big enough…hahahaha


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