Boise is the illest!!! I love it I love it. I can’t say enough good things about it. The city is awesome the show was awesome. Oh! the police were not awesome. example. Lady being eaten by a tiger. cops manage to shoot her in the leg not the animal. another time they shoot at a suspect 84 times hitting the man only 4 times. none of the the shots were fatal. they also used to drive by and mark the tires of cars that were parked at bars. so they knew who to breathalize on the way home. Anyway, Bootleg Kev had us up on Wild 101 indie artists on commercial radio during prime time?! Freestyling? stay tuned for the clip. We KILLED it. or at least we had fun. My boys from Nobody’s Hero stopped through. We did an instore at Cricket. where Kutt Kalhoun made me laugh at someone I shouldn’t have. we were already laughing at something. then this young man, mentally challenged walked up and you know that feeling when someone is holding in their laughter and looks at you and tries to…. never mind there is NO excuse. I apologize publicly to that young man. Police showed up deep after. there was some physical conflict. but no one was seriously injured. We left soon after… Good thing because white girls with big butts were on the prowl…yikes!!!


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