Day One at Strange Music LEE’S SUMMIT, MO

Day One: Actually we landed the night before and got to eat at the most popping-est IHOP I’ve ever been to on a Tuesday night. Woke up this morning and it was time to head over to the Stange Music HQ aka the Palace.
We’re here for the tour meeting. What the hell is a tour meeting? 13 yrs on the road. and I have no idea what a tour meeting is. i soon find out it’s when the 20 or so people who make up the Strange Music staff/family are seated in a semi-circle. And OG Trav sits in the middle and goes over the 3 R’s rules, regulations and responsibilities. The rule book is about 10 pgs. long. Everyday Meet n Greet for VIP’s from 3-4 no cell phones and no house shoes. sound check 5pm and I’m usually onstage around 830 or 9 right before Tech. Whole talk takes about an hour and a half. Could’ve been extremely boring. But thankfully big Trav is one serious but very funny dude. Seriously you could get fined for breathing the wrong way out this motherfucker! Fines start at $250. They are not playing around over here. Basically it all boiled down to 3 D’s no Dope, no Dillydallying, and no Dumb shit. Pretty simple. I think I’ll be alright. Brick and Magi on the other hand may be headed for Fine World, Pay Land aka Tax Town. Fortunately I think my squad may exempt. In the meeting we also get intro’d to all of our road dawgs. Roll Call: Cross Eyed Joe, Hose-B(Jose or Hose-A), OG WIlly WIll, Mike the Maniac, driver Clancy, Chris the Wirg, Scenario aka Serantino Ballfredo, Glenn aka Brother Al?, Rusty, Corey aka Vanilla Cheese, triple OG Mugz, Krizz Kaliko aka Kali Baby, and Tech mf’n N9ne aka the reason for the season. Plus the staff we are leaving behind. These people all really seem to love their job and each other. And have an open understanding that supporting the artists on their label and making them as “big” as possible only helps everything else grow. Amazing. Meeting adjourned.
It’s Wednesday so I need to head to the comic book store. Plus WalMart, GNC, 2 trips to Target and the thrift store. stuff i bought:
Clone Wars Comforter
Clone Wars Sheet set
Jenifer Hudson CD
20lbs dumbells
protein bars
digi cam for the blog
3 polaroid instamatics for a total of $10 (if you got that film 4 sale Holla!)
4 comic books
various soy products
Life cereal (cinnamon)
lock box
Prince’s new CD (who’s this lady on the 3rd cd? did i want this? did I need this? hmmm)
tic tacs
*thanks to O.O.O.G Mugz for driving us in the Strange Tahoe. and buying me a salad at Panera.
Now it’s time to load up our AWESOME bus. We have two buses and 25 footer. This is the real deal. We are on the bus with huge pic of Tech looking insane on the side. Everybody is in parking lot saying their goodbyes. Makes me look forward to the day when my wife and kids drop me off at “the job”. Running a little late, waiting on the Man due to some last minute speed bumps. So Tech’s barber Chico hooks me up with a shave then Tech shows up. I run and take my last “real” shit. And we’re off to Ft. Collins… Peace
*wrote this while listening to Mista Grimm “Indo Smoke”, Warren G “I need a Light” Mack 10 “Foe Life”, Snoop Dogg “I Miss That B**ch” and Tha Eastsidaz f/ Jayo Felony “Got Beef” among other various gangster classics. Think I’m already missing L.A. or somethin’?


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